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Cyber Security




We help our clients to constantly define, implement and update a cyber-security policy corresponding to the latest technologies, in accordance with the law, regulations, recommendations and national and/or international standards.


Cyber-security is the protection of computer systems from theft and damage to the enterprise's equipment, software, data and know-how, as well as the disruption, diversion or theft of the services they provide.


Cyber-security also includes control of physical access to systems, as well as protection from damage that may come from access to networks to destroy data and inject viral codes. Cyber-security is becoming increasingly vital, due to the increasing dependence of computer systems on the Internet, wireless networks such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The phenomenal growth of intelligent objects, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, TVs and other devices of the Internet of Things (IoT), requires a faultless end-to-end protection.


Due to the extreme importance of cyber-security for enterprises who want to set up an Industrie 4.0 concept, we have developed expertise and various services to protect:

  • Business Know-how
  • Confidential data and information
  • Verbal and written communications
  • Intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Confidentiality on the professional sphere of employees
  • Confidentiality on the employees private sphere
  • GDPR | General Data Protection Regulation / General Regulations on data protection (EU)

Our cyber security advisors deliver these services in the form of mandates




Big data



bigdataWe help our customers to value their enterprise data. The multitude of Industrie 4.0 interconnections generates astronomical quantities of heterogeneous data which have an invaluable business potential value.


Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or still Predictive Analytics are so many technologies allowing the enterprises to extract crucial information’s made for taking immediate strategic and operational decisions.


Big Data can be used for many use cases:

  • Sales forecasting analysis
  • Database maintenance analysis
  • Predicitve repair services
  • Fault analysis on a machine tool
  • Supply chain consolidation
  • Malfunction analysis of a tool
  • Optimisation of a rectification process
  • Customers market research
  • Predictive customer needs detection
  • Production line supervision
  • Production line autoregulation
  • Remote services on machines

We deliver these services with the support of our partners in the form of projects.








The implementation of a Industrie 4.0 concept requires enterprises to develop new competences, as the working environment is drastically upset. This 4th Industrial Revolution will bring:

  • New approaches to value creation
  • New approaches to product sustainability
  • New smart products
  • New production methods
  • New types of collaboration
  • New work organisations
  • New business models
  • New technologies
  • New systems and applications
  • New regulations

As a result, new jobs are born requiring the professional profiles of workers and managers to evolve considerably. With the support of our partners, we are already proposing new education courses in Industrie 4.0.


We deliver these services in the form of mandates.



As part of the development of Industrie 4.0 projects, we are also working closely with enterprises to find the appropriate expertise and human resources they will need throughout their industrial transformation:

  • Experts
  • Advisors
  • Engineers
  • Project managers

We deliver these services in the form of mandates.