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Presentation brochure of T&A and its services



Who are we




1 WhoAreWe

  • We are a business facilitator that accompanies SMEs during their industrial transformation.
  • We are pioneers in Switzerland as a service provider completely dedicated to Industry 4.0.
  • We deliver innovative and creative services bringing added value to our customers.
  • We are professionals who spent their entire career in the manufacturing industry.
  • We do speak the same language of our customers.







2 mission

  • We transfer to SMEs the knowledge Industry 4.0 enabling them to generate new business opportunities.
  • We facilitate the SME industrial transformation in the accompaniment.
  • We bring innovation to our customers with the support of our network of partners.
  • We are looking for Excellence for our customers.
  • We find the right solutions for our customers.






3 approach

  • We collect, aggregate, popularize and transform the Industry 4.0 terminology into knowledge.
  • We carry out our activities with the following philosophy: ease, simplicity and speed.
  • We are pragmatic with a step by step approach.
  • We apply easy-to-use methodologies & tools.
  • We are visual more than textual.
  • We are neutral & independent.



value proposition



4 ValueProposition

  • Make enterprises highly efficient.
  • Identify opportunities in doing Business Analyses.
  • Innovate and create new Business Models.
  • Revisit Business Processes.
  • Bring the Best Practices.
  • Incorporate the ultimate Norms & Standards.
  • Make enterprise data more intelligent and more predictive.
  • Amplify the interconnection of things, services ans people.
  • Cyber secure the data and processes, the IT network and the infrastructure.