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Presentation brochure of T&A and its services



Who are we




1 WhoAreWe

  • T&A | Taskforce & Advisor Sàrl (Switzerland) is a business facilitator 4.0 dedicated exclusively to Industry 4.0 for SMEs.
  • We accompany companies to introduce and implement Industry 4.0 through a business approach.
  • Not only do we accompany SME executives, but we also bring them high value-added 4.0 solutions through our national and international network of technology partners.
  • We offer innovative, creative and disruptive services.
  • We are industrial entrepreneurs who speak the language of the industry.
  • We are pioneers in Switzerland in our field.






2 mission

  • Contribute to increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of SMEs.
  • Facilitate the industrial transformation 4.0 of SMEs through accompaniment.
  • Accompany SMEs to integrate Industry 4.0 to ensure their long-term sustainability.
  • Train companies to Industry 4.0, at all levels, from the board of directors and management to the shop floor.
  • Seeking Excellence for our customers
  • Search and find the best 4.0 technology and solutions for our customers.






3 approach

  • For us, the human being remains at the center of our concerns when fulfilling our mandates.
  • We carry out our activities with the following philosophy: kindness, ease, simplicity and speed.
  • We are pragmatic and work step by step.
  • We use methods (4) and tools (50) that are easy to understand, use and apply.
  • We are visual rather than textual
  • We are neutral & independent.



value proposition



4 ValueProposition

  • Define and implement disruptive industry 4.0 strategies that enable SMEs to differentiate themselves from their competitors to increase sales - More customers - More revenue.
  • Innovate by creating new business models that enable SMEs to generate new business opportunities - Faster - Further - More customers - More revenue
  • Innovate by creating new operational models allowing SMEs to reduce their functional costs (up to -30%) and improve the overall performance of the company (up to +30%) - More margins.
  • Define a data-driven strategy to make business data smarter and more predictive to enable them to make strategic, operational and business decisions instantly - Faster, always faster ...