1. Declaration on Data Protection

Through its privacy policy, Taskforce&Advisor wishes to inform its customers of the applicable provisions concerning data protection, personal information management, access rights and the rectification of data. The protection and security of personal data is a very important topic for Taskforce&Advisor. That is why data protection is given maximum attention in all our trade.


This declaration stipulates what information is recorded during visits to our website and how they are used. It is valid for the website platform and its integrated services as well as for other websites that are directly linked to Taskforce&Advisor and refer to this statement.


By using our website, you agree to the processing of your data, according to the purposes described in this declaration.

2. Privacy Policy

Taskforce&Advisor uses the personal data of its customers, in connection with the use of the website, exclusively and only to communicate with them, to meet their requests and needs in an individualized way and for purposes of continuous improvement of the quality of the website. All information received and recorded by Taskforce&Advisor is only used for internal management purposes. We forbid ourselves to resell the personal data of our customers.


In the context of mandates or projects entrusted by our customers, the transmission of data to our partners or suppliers, if necessary, is totally compatible with the legislation on data protection.


Taskforce&Advisor processes the data of its customers in a confidential manner, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal law and the European directive: General Regulation of Data Protection or GDPR.


In accordance with the data protection laws of Switzerland and Liechtenstein (LFPD), we entrust that customers have the right to demand to be informed on the personal data concerning them.

3. Collection and archive of customer data

This site uses an online analysis service of Joomla type. Joomla Analytics uses cookies, namely files stored on the site user's computer, to analyze the use of this site, such as the data that the customer indicates when registering on the e-commerce system for a request or a purchase of services or products. The user of this site may prevent the installation of these cookies by a specific setting of their browser; In this case, we inform the user that all the functions of this site will not be able to be used.


By using this site by acceptance of the cookies, the user authorizes the exploitation of his personal data obtained by Jooma Analytics only for the purposes described in this declaration. Taskforce&Advisor collects data needed to manage the website platform. For example, information about IP addresses, access, duration, and frequency of use or also information on the pages called by the customer as well as feedback on offers from Taskforce&Advisor or third party companies.


We manage, of course, all exchanges and returns-customers on requests for information or offers transmitted by e-mails, letters, telephone or shared with our CRM system.

4. Use and transmission of personal data

Taskforce&Advisor customers agree that their data be used for the following purposes:

O  To assure Taskforce&Advisor its contractual obligations to be able to deliver its services or products with a high added value.

O  To maintain and intensify relationships with our customers.
O  To control the infrastructure and security of the company.
O  For business purposes: offers, invoices and accounting.
O  For the development of the website and our business activity.

Taskforce&Advisor does not transmit data to public authorities unless it is legally obligated to do so. The employees of Taskforce&Advisor are subject to professional secrecy

5. Trade Relations with third parties

For an optimal workflow of business processes, it is necessary that certain customer data be forwarded to partners or suppliers of Taskforce&Advisor.

Taskforce&Advisor attaches great importance to the respect of data protection in collaboration with its partners or suppliers.

Taskforce & Advisor requires third-party companies to process customer data with an extreme level of confidentiality

6. Third party link providers

Our pages on the website and our marketing e-mails may contain links with our partners or our suppliers. Nevertheless, Taskforce&Advisor has no influence on how personal data is processed or used by these third party companies. Taskforce&Advisor is therefore not responsible for compliance with the guidelines, for the protection of data by partners or suppliers linked to our website or linked by marketing e-mails.

7. Publication of data across borders

Taskforce&Advisor does not transmit data abroad unless it is necessary to perform a service delivery or to send products. The recipient is obliged, by default, to comply with the data protection guidelines and to ensure data security according to the European Regulation (GDPR).

8. Freedom of information

Upon written request from customers, Taskforce&Advisor must inform what data is being recorded.

9. Security

To ensure the security of personal data and to protect them from unauthorized access or abuse, many technical and administrative measures are taken. A policy of cyber security and preventive security measures are regularly updated, controlled and adapted to technological progress

10. Customer acceptance and changes to data protection guidelines

As a user of the Taskforce&Advisor website platform and related websites, the customer accepts – as indicated in this statement – that his data is collected, respectively backed up by Taskforce&Advisor and that they are used for the specified purposes.


Taskforce&Advisor reserves the right to change the data protection statement at any time. The data protection guidelines that are published on the Taskforce&Advisor website platform are valid. Users interested in these guidelines are therefore asked to check them regularly.


Thus, with the use of the Taskforce&Advisor website platform of or websites that refer to this declaration, the customer accepts the proposed data protection statement.

déclaration de protection des données proposé.

11. Reference

In the case of interpretation of this statement, in foreign languages, which would be ambiguous, the French version serves as a reference

12. Contact

In case of additional questions or requests for information concerning personal data or data rectifications, please send your request to: