Who are we


  • T&A | Taskforce&Advisor sàrl is a Swiss company registered in the commercial register.
  • T&A is a business advisor & facilitator 4.0 dedicated to SMEs.
  • His areas of expertise are Industry 4.0 and Lean Management 4.0.
  • T&A accompanies SMEs, end-to-end, during their industrial 4.0 transformation.
  • T&A uses 5 methodologies and 50 easy-to-apply tools to achieve Excellence.
  • T&A offers innovative and disruptive services and solutions with high Added Value.
  • T&A resells solutions through its network of partners.
  • We are industrials who speak the language of the industry.
  • With a business approach, T&A is a pioneer in Switzerland in its field.



  • T&A contributes to drastically increase your company's overall performance, in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.
  • T&A contributes to make your company extremely efficient thanks to Lean Management 4.0 and Industry 4.0.
  • T&A facilitates industrial transformation 4.0 through accompaniment, advice and coaching.
  • T&A contributes to transforming your company as a whole: business, operations and production.
  • We work in a fast, simple and pragmatic way in order to go to the Essential.
  • We transpose the methodologies and tools directly into the practical cases of your company.
  • The increase in efficiency must lead your company to a gain of at least 30%.
  • The increase in competitiveness must lead your company to a gain of at least 30%.



  • The human being [the employee] remains at the center of the fulfillment of our mandates or projects.
  • T&A wants to be neutral and independent in order to provide you with the best solutions.
  • T&A focuses first and foremost on the strategic needs of your business.
  • T&A helps you integrate a culture of change and innovation.
  • T&A helps you define a strategy and strategic objectives in the short, medium and long term.
  • T&A contributes to defining a new industrial 4.0 concept based on data.
  • Technological solutions are essential but they are only means to achieve the objectives.
  • The increase in overall performance must lead your company to a gain of at least 60%.



  • Our philosophy: benevolence, dedication, respect, solidarity and transparency.
  • T&A is a facilitator that works hand in hand with you and your employees
  • T&A is a companion that accompanies you from end-to-end.
  • T&A is an advisor who puts his long experience into your projects.
  • We are entrepreneurs who understand the management of an SME as a whole.
  • At your request, we work on direction or management of your projects.
  • T&A is a coach for personalized accompaniment for managers and employees.
  • T&A is a trainer to deliver tailor-made training within your company.
  • T&A is a connector that links your business to 4.0 technologies.