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Solutions Industry 4.0


Where physical and virtual worlds converged.


We contribute to make enterprises highly efficient.



We accompany SMEs during their Industry 4.0 transformation.


You discover & acquire the understanding and knowledge of the Industry 4.0 concept.


With different business approaches, you identify Industry 4.0 opportunities.


Before you transform partially or totally your enterprise, you experiment some Industry 4.0 solutions as proof-of-concept.


You transform the key business opportunities into Industry 4.0 solutions in defining resources, budget and planning.

Cyber Security

We help our customers to define, to set up and to update constantly a policy of cyber security corresponding to the last technologies in accordance with the law, the regulations, the recommendations and the national and/or international standards.

Big Data

We help our customers to value their enterprise data. The multitude of interconnections of the Industry 4.0 generate astronomical quantities of heterogeneous data which have an invaluable business potential value. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or still Predictive Analytics are so many technologies allowing the companies to extract crucial information’s made for taking immediate strategic and operational decisions.


We help our customers to acquire new knowledge and new competences by proposing them new education courses. We also work with them to find the right resources: experts, advisors, engineers and project managers they will need throughout their transformation.


We offer our customers only specific and tailor-made solutions, especially in the areas of cyber security, mobility and enterprise dashboards.


ZIMBRA | Cyber-secure email system, Open source, unified and collaborative for enterprise and mobile users.


NEXTCLOUD | Cyber-secure access to enterprise data, by a private and dedicated cloud, for mobile users.


We transform information into knowledge and business opportunities.


How to convince enterprises to choose T&A.


We are professionals who have spent our entire career in manufacturing industry. We understand and we know the business of our clients very well.


We are not a consulting company giving advices, we are a business facilitator that accompanies its customers and finds solutions.


We bring high value to our customers because we are able to make the link between their business and the Industry 4.0 concept.


We strive for Excellence for our customers while remaining pragmatic with a step-by-step approach.


We want to find the best solutions for our customers by working with the best partners in the market.


Increase business efficiency to remain competitive is a huge challenge.
Industry 4.0 is an immense opportunity to make your company a great success in the future.
T&A and its network of partners are the right professionals you need to realize it.

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