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We contribute to make enterprises highly efficient & competitive.


We accompany SMEs to introduce & deploy Industry 4.0

thru a business approach.


At all levels of the company, from the board of directors and executives to the shop floor staff, you discover and gain knowledge and skills Industry 4.0.


After this first phase, you are ready to introduce Industry 4.0 into the business.


During this phase, you identify your needs in Industry 4.0, develop a disruptive business strategy and set short, medium and long-term strategic objectives.


In this second phase, you also create a new business model and a new industrial concept 4.0.


Before you transform the enterprise, you experience Industry 4.0 strategic opportunities in the form of Proof-of-Concept that you have identified in the strategy.


Once proven feasibilities, skills acquired, this third phase will allow you to finalize the Industry 4.0 concept that you will deploy over several years.


To achieve a global transformation, the employee must remain at the center of concerns. Change management thought from the beginning and well adapted, is a guarantee of success.


In this fourth phase, you select the new 4.0 technologies and solutions, you define the priority of the projects, you identify the resources, you elaborate the budget as well as the calendar.

Cyber Security

The implementation of an Industry 4.0 concept only makes sense if a cybersecurity policy has been defined and its implementation closely follows the development of the new business concept from both a business and operational point of view.


Cyber security is becoming more and more important because of the growing interconnections of computer systems with the Internet, wireless networks such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


We help our clients to define, implement and continually update a cybersecurity policy corresponding to the latest technologies, in accordance with the law, the rules, the recommendations and the national and/or international standards.

Big Data

Data is about to become a gold ''asset'' of the company whose market value will continue to grow over time. The companies that have oriented their strategy towards Data will be the ones that will be the most efficient and the most competitive in their field. We help our customers value their business data.


The multitude of interconnections in Industry 4.0 generate astronomical amounts of heterogeneous data. Algorithms, AI, ML or DL are technologies that enable organizations to collect and analyze critical information that enables them to make strategic and operational decisions instantly.


Human capital remains the vital element, in more ways than one, in the setting up of an Industry 4.0 concept.


Change management, skills acquisition, availability of staff are key factors in driving transformation. We help our clients gain new knowledge and compétences by offering industry-leading training programs and courses from the board of directors to the shop floor staff.


We also help our customers find new 4.0 resources that fit the business development needs.



We can offer our customers the latest 4.0 technology and solutions on the market, thanks to our network of Swiss and international partners.  


For its part, T&A markets a '' specific and tailor-made '' solution in the field of global business performance management based on the Theory of Constraints (ToC).  


T&A is the exclusive distributor and integrator for Switzerland of the '' interaxys '' solution:  RealTime4.0GlobalPerformance - R4GP


We transform Initiative 4.0 into knowledge and business opportunities.

We create disruptive business models and operational concepts.


Industry 4.0 is a huge opportunity to sustain your company and make it a great success. Why choose T&A :


We are industrial entrepreneurs who have spent our entire career in the manufacturing industry and the new technology industry.   In fact, we understand and know your trades very well.   We speak your language and that of the industry.


We facilitate the work of our clients by promoting dialogue, communication and collateral group work. We are advisors, companions, coaches, connectors, project managers who are looking for the best 4.0 solutions for and with our clients.


Our expertise allows us to connect the business of our customers with the Industry 4.0 concept. Our spirit of neutrality, creativity and innovation brings a high added value. In order to deliver value, we use a toolbox of 4 methodologies and 50 techniques.


We strive for Excellence for our customers to achieve the expected efficiency goals. Excellence is the key to a firm's solid and sustainable competitive advantage as it ensures the highest level of quality, productivity and customer service.


We have the ambition to search and find the best 4.0 solutions for our customers. For this reason, we are developing a national and international network of technology partners to identify the best solutions in the field of Industry 4.0


Increase business efficiency to remain competitive is a huge challenge.


T&A with its network of partners are the right professionals you need to take it.



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